Trinity College Library

Some places fill everyone there with reverence. Chartwell (Winston Churchill’s home in England) is one of those places. Westminster Abby is another one. The Long Room at Trinity College is another. I am not sure which image l like best (I have to choose one). The first is the red bicycle below a sign pointing the way – but in this country a detour is called a Diversion – so the sign to the library points the way to our favorite diversion – learning. The second is the bust of Newton (or Bacon, etc). The third is the shear scale of the room, from one end to the other. Another shows the ladders, and how they have twisted over the years from use and readers leaning toward the shelves. In the end, I decided to post one of the upper deck, with the ladders used to reach the books. There are small doors going THROUGH the book cases from one cell of books to another. The stories of preserving the books (especially the Book of Kells) through the centuries make our jobs feel easy.


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